Download The Best Reeder for Windows Alternative

1 - Why Choose Feedly?

Feedly is the best Reeder for Windows alternative

Get a program like Reeder for Windows

Reeder for WindowsGoogle Reader has already been discontinued by Google. Many people are urgently searching for a RSS reader these days. Reeder could be an ideal choice to replace Google Reader. It can fetch, organize and display content from RSS feed of your favorite sites. However, it doesn't runs on Windows. You have to get a Reeder for Windows, or say, a perfect Google Reader alternative that runs on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, online, etc. Is it possible?

Yes! You get one now. Feedly is one of the best Reeder for Windows alternative programs at the time being. Feedly can manage your content from RSS feeds, your favorite sites and blogs, and your YouTube channel at one place. It provides the magazine-like experience on your Windows, Mac , iOS devices, web, Chrome OS, etc.

Feedly 's definitely an ideal alternative to Reeder for Windows. Several updates has been released before Google Reader leaves us. Download and use it for totally free.

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2 - System Requirements of Feedly

Operating Systems Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or earlier iOS 6/5/4 Android
Hardware Requirements Intel or AMD processor, 1GHz or above, 512M memory or above. Intel processor, 1GHz or above, 500M memory or above    
Software Requirements        

Table 1: System Requirements of Feedly alternative to Reeder

3 - What People Talk about Feedly

Feedly works well on Windows

Feedly is exactly what I want, it's an ideal alternative to Reeder with similar features.

4 - How to Use Feedly

Coming up ... There is not a tutorial about how to use Feedly yet. Please visit Feedly's home page for more information.

5 - What's Reeder?

What can Reeder do for you? It's one of the best News & Books software. Reeder is a RSS feed reader connected to Feedly, that has everything a news reader should have. Reeder caches articles and images from your feed, so that you can read without a WiFi or 3G connection.