The Best UltraSurf for Mac Alternative

1 - Why Choose HotSpot Shield? Is It Similar to Ultrasurf?

HotSpot Shield is the best UltraSurf for Mac alternative

Get a program like UltraSurf for Mac

UltraSurf for MacUltrasurf is designed to bypass Internet censorship and surf online privately and securely. However, it only supports Windows PCs. To enjoy pure Internet freedom on Mac, an Ultrasurf for Mac alternative is required. If you're searching around for an alternative to UltraSurf for Mac? Stop wandering.

HotSpot Shield is one of the best UltraSurf for Mac alternative programs as far as we know. It has been named the best privacy and security service by TOPTENREVIEWS.COM. HotSpot Shield allows you to overcome Internet censorship and surf the Internet anonymously. It provides thousands of available IP addresses and over 300 servers in 23 countries all over the world. It's definitely an ideal alternative to UltraSurf for Mac.

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2 - System Requirements of HotSpot Shield

Operating Systems Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 Mac OS X 10.4 or Later (Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks included) Android & iOS are also supported
Hardware Requirements Intel or AMD processor, 1GHz or above, 512M memory or above. Intel processor, 1GHz or above, 500M memory or above  

Over 200,000,000 Downloads On Windows & Mac

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Table 1: System Requirements of HotSpot Shield alternative to UltraSurf

3 - HotSpot Shield Features - More Than Ultrasurf for Mac

Easy to Use, like Ultrasurf

No complicated installation and setings. Easy to use software for Macintosh, Windows iPhone and Android.

1-Click Connection

Easily connect to secure servers and switch between countries and locations with a single-click..

Enjoy Freedom without Losing Speed

Automatically select the fastest servers around the world according to your location and usage.

Enjoy Private & Secure Internet Like Never Before

Protect your privacy online with anonymous surfing and browsing. Like Ultrasurf, HotSpot Shield will hide your real IP address, clears browsing history, cookies, and more.

4 - How to Use HotSpot Shield on Mac

The followup video tutoriasl will show you how to use HotSpot Shield on your Mac and iOS. Please visit HotSpot Shield's home page for more detailed information.

Using HotSpot Shield on Your Mac

Using HotSpot Shield on Your iOS


Simple Guidelines for Installing and Using UltraSurf for Mac Alternative - HotSpot Shield

Step 1: Download and install HotSpot Shield for Mac application.

Click here to download the software and double click the .dmg file to start installing it to your Mac.


Step 2: Run the program and connect to the VPN server.


Step 3: When connected, you're using a virtual private network (VPN).

It's that easy. No tricky at all. Keep in mind that there will be ads if you're using the Free version. Just upgrade to Elite version to remove ads and enjoy secure VPN without bandwidth limit. Only $29.95/year or 19.95/6 month.

You can also use HotSpot Shield on iOS devices and Android devices.

UltraSurf for iOS

Supports iPhone (all generations), iPad (all generations), iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

UltraSurf for iOS

Supports All devices with VPN support,
but NO support for Amazon Kindle and the e-readers

5 - What's UltraSurf?

What can UltraSurf do for you? It's one of the best Security & Privacy software. UltraSurf is a free software which enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely. Users in countries without internet censorship also use it to ...